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Center Punch Mill

The EATON OIL TOOLS, INC. Center Punch Mill is an industry first, patent pending technology. EATON designed and manufactured the Center Punch Mill in house using only the finest personnel and material with effiecieny, safety, and cost effectiveness in mind.

The EATON Center Punch Mill enables the center of plugs to be drilled out without the threat of the mill "walking around” the top of the plug. Floating Stabilizers keep the mill centered while allowing the tungsten carbide dressed head to to be lowered thru the plug and cement.

The EATON Center Punch Mill keeps the plug integrity intact; as a result pressure trapped below cannot drive the plug up the hole. Pressure is relieved thru the drilled hole and diverted into the casing annulus where it can be safely controlled. Following the release of the pressure, the plug can safely be drilled, washed over and recovered.

Once assembled the Center Punch Mill cannot be seperated until the assembly is back at the service center. However, each assembly has the ability to be dressed in the field for various casing sizes ranging from 7” to 30”


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