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Terminator Cut & Pull System

Eaton Oil Tools, Inc. has partnered with Swivel Rental & Supply and Petro Pull to put together an industry leading technology: The Terminator Cut & Pull System. The Terminator System is made with safety, speed, price, and customer satisfaction in mind. It is an integrated system made up by proven components from EATON, providing the downhole assembly; Swivel Rental & Supply, providing the swivel and swivel stands; and Petro Pull, providing the casing jacks. With these three proven methods and technologies, the TERMINATOR System has improved performance and streamlined Casing Cutting & Pulling Operations as well as Section Milling Operations. The Terminator Cut & Pull System is available for various applications and can handle any operation within the following specifications:
72" of Vertical Travel
50 Tons Lifting
72" of Vertical Travel
375 Tons of Jacking Capacity
30" diameter Capacity


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