Thru Tubing Fishing Services

Eaton Oil Tools provides compreshensive, full service thru tubing fishing & milling services to support rig, snubbing or coiled tubing operations. Our vast selection of thru tubing tools coupled with our experienced personnel and sharp execution of proven processes, perfected through years of service, we can efficiently and effectively  address a full range of thru-tubing applications to meet any customer challenge. We are commited to effectively and efficiently remediating any customer challenges with planning, collaboration, communication & continuing dedication to quality and service.



  • Capillary String Recovery Operations
  • Plug Milling Operations
  • Undereaming
  • Thru Tubing P & A Services
  • High Bottom Hole Pressure Operations
  • High Temperature Operations
  • Jarring & Recovery Operations
  • Junk Recovery Operations
  • Low Bottom Hole Pressure Operations
  • Sand Bridge Removal Operations
  • Sour Service Operations
  • Stuck Packer Plug & Prong Retrieval Operations
  • Toe Prep Operations
  • Wireline Recovery Operations