Casing Cutting

Eaton Oil Tools, Inc. maintains a complete line of multistring mechanical casing cutting sytems & equipment for both operations requiring a rig and rigless operations. We can provide casing cutting & retrieval equipment to meet operational requirements from slot recovery to deep water applications run by the best "hands" in the industry! Eaton is sucessful in cutting hundreds of wells annually and is the industry leader in casing cutting operations!

EATON CUTTERS unique hydraulic transmission system applies smooth constantpressure, via a one piece piston assembly, to two or three knives, thereby assuring clean, rapid cuts. Free movement of the knives to either extended or closed position is assured. The positive cleaning action of the knife recesses is accomplished by the unique design configuration of our tools, supplemented by the continuous washing action of fluids forced through the tool. Each knife is dressed with the finest grade crushed tungsten carbide available. Our Multi-string casing cutters are available in a variety, of O.D. sizes, ranging from 4 5/8" O.D. to 12" O.D.* Each cutters knives can be changed easily in the field to cut
a wide range of casing sizes.