Use of Eaton Oil Tools' Whipstock and milling tools offers to operators new alternatives to grass roots horizontal wells. The Eaton Whipstock is a quality built tool designed to prepare or "cut a window" in the casing of your existing well bore. The Eaton Whipstock can be utilized in a vertical or high angle hole for sidetracking the original well bore or in preparation for directional or horizontal drilling. The reduction in cost per foot per recoverable barrel of oil has brought a new focus on oil in place reserves. The EATON whipstock is designed to cut a window in the casing of the existing wellbore. This design allows it to be run in vertical or high angle holes. There are two basic designs or methods for anchoring the Eaton Whipstock. The Tail Trip Design of the Eaton Whipstock may be set off a bridge-plug, junk, or any other obstruction in the well bore. Due to the design of the slip teeth, once the tail trip mechanism is set, the Eaton Whipstock can neither be lowered nor rotated. The Packer Style Eaton Whipstock is designed to tie or rotate into all styles of whipstock packers. On the first trip in the hole, both styles of the Eaton Whipstock are lowered by way of the starting mill, orientated to your predetermined direction, anchored, and initial milling of the casing window is begun. The completion of the casing window is achieved on subsequent mill runs.

By utilizing Eaton's Tail Trip Whipstocks, Packer Type Whipstocks and Eaton's Carbide Mills, operators are now actively pursuing new opportunities to redefine industry standards for recovery of oil in place. With billions of barrels of oil still in formation throughout thousands of fields, the answer lies in the ability to recover a higher percentage of this oil at an equitable cost per barrel. Not only does the Eaton Whipstock provide the means to exit casing for horizontal entry into current producing zones, the Eaton Whipstock can also sidetrack well bore damage, junk in the hole, or other negative well conditions, to re-enter zones with economical reserves still in place.

The benefits from a monetary position when able to bypass the cost of the vertical hole as well as the casing cost, are further enhanced by lower outlays of capitol expenditures to cut the "window " itself. The Eaton Whipstock Systems and Eaton Carbide Mills are designed such that smaller service units are capable of cutting the "window ". For the window cutting operation, tubing can be utilized since lower torque is necessary for milling. Cuttings of casing are circulated to surface at a rate as low as two barrels per minute with water as your fluid medium. With both methods, the whipstock is lowered, anchored, and milling begun with a starting mill. Subsequent mill runs will complete the casing window.

Additionally, Eaton offers a retrievable tail trip style whipstock, especially designed for trouble free retrieval after completion of the directional drilling program. Using this system, allows for Multiple laterals from a single vertical hole after completion of your directional or horizontal drilling program. The Eaton Retrievable Whipstock is designed to be retrieved with a standard over shot. Should any difficulties arise in pulling the entire Whipstock, a back up feature will allow the concave to break away from the anchor mechanism. Once the concave section has been retrieved, a standard overshot can be used to retrieve the remaining section of the Whipstock.